Lafayette College

Easton,PA: The first school I visited was Lafayette University in Pennsylvania, only atwo-hour drive from my home. Finding the school was somewhat confusing, but itwas easy to get around once we arrived.

The admissions building was alovely old building with big pillars. Inside it was extravagant and felt like amuseum. There were statues of the Marquis de Lafayette in the foyer and plaquesfor successful graduates. The office was also very grand with plush chairs. Itgave a good first impression of the school.

The tour was led by a seniorwho took us around campus and showed us all the main buildings. He also knew alot about the school’s history, which made the tour very interesting. The campuswas undergoing many renovations, but construction was scheduled to end beforeschool began in the fall.

The dorms were bigger than other schools I havesince visited. They also only offered doubles, which give students even morespace and privacy.

The best part of the campus was the athletic building.Is is only three years old and has offices for all the coaches, classrooms forteams to meet in, and trophy cases full of awards. The gym has a raised track,and there is a weight and exercise room on the bottom floor. There is also athree-story rock-climbing wall.

I found the campus small but comfortable.Everything is in the general vicinity of the dorms, and all in all, Lafayette wasa very nice school.

Reviewed in 2003