Knox College

Galesburg, IL: Imagine people from 45 states and 42 countries gathered in the some place. Where? Knox College, one of the most diverse small colleges in the Midwest. With 1,120 students, Knox is smaller than many high schools, and with 114 professors (and a 1:12 professor to student ratio), there are a lot of teacher-student activities.

Knox’s students are generally smart – 70 percent graduated at the top of their high-school class, and 39 percent in the top tenth of their class. Ninety-four percent of the professors have their Ph.D or equivalent. The student body is 86 percent Caucasian, five percent African-American, three percent Latino, one percent Native American and eight percent foreign students.

Tuition is $24,000 but room and board is another $6,000. Although this is a lot of money, Knox is committed to better futures for all its students. It goes without saying that Knox is well worth the money.

There are tons of classes and majors, with many types of art, computer science, education studies, languages, political science and theater arts.

It’s not just the learning that makes Knox great, but the athletics, too, with many sports including those you wouldn’t think of – fencing, lacrosse, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and water polo. There are also, of course, the usual sports like basketball, football, and baseball.

U.S. News and World Report consistently ranks Knox as a “Best Value” among the nation’s liberal arts colleges for academic quality relative to cost. Knox offers a variety of scholarships that recognize academic and creative talents as well commitment to community. Students can also get loans or on-campus jobs to help cover the cost.

Reviewed in 2003