Keuka College

Keuka CollegeKeuka Park, NY: Choosing a college can be very difficult. If you are looking for a small school in a nice setting, check out Keuka College. Keuka is a four-year college founded in 1890, with programs focusing mainly on liberal arts and science. Keuka is located on 173 acres on the western shore of Keuka Lake in New York. It is a very pretty setting with a beautiful view of the lake.This is a school for someone who wants a small school. With 938 students enrolled, an average class size is 22 students. While visiting, I learned that you complete a field period each year. In these, students do fieldwork in programs they are studying, including hospitals, schools and businesses.All I can say is, “Go visit Keuka.” Check it out if you are interested in a small school with a beautiful lake setting. f

Reviewed in 1998