Kenyon College

Gambier, OH: In a town where students outnumber villagers 3:1, you will find close interaction between the various parts of a truly liberal arts campus. Kenyon College is a rising gem in the arena of higher education and is devoted to its highly talented undergraduates. With only 1,600 students, the college looks for diversity from around the world, and the number of applicants has increased 90 percent in the last four years. Last year the college admitted only 38% of applicants, making it the most selective college in Ohio.

One cannot discuss Kenyon without mentioning its English department, which is regarded as one of the best programs in the country. Kenyon also has a world-renowned literary magazine, The Kenyon Review. With alumni including Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit) and E.L. Doctorow (Ragtime), you will find a strong sense of literary commitment and many aspiring writers here.

Kenyon College has a powerful science facility to meet the demands of high-end research and collaboration. It is true that undergraduate students can obtain access to research opportunities and help professors prepare pieces for science journals. A quarter of the students majors in a science and summer science research fellowships are prized opportunities to work one-on-one with leading faculty-scholars.

The Kenyon Lords have dominated Division III swimming for a quarter of a century and there are no signs of them slowing down. A new athletic fieldhouse is under construction and will boast basketball, tennis and squash courts, as well as a pool, making it the one of the finest facilities at any Division III college.

Getting to the campus is an adventure; the winding roads and cornfields are captivating, and the school itself is magnificent. Some of the first collegiate gothic buildings in America are here.

As well as being the oldest private institution in Ohio, Kenyon has certainly maintained its old-school charm and history. The campus is set on a 1,200-acre preserve on top of a hill overlooking a river, and the school is divided down the center by the Middle Path which students use to get to class, socialize and hold fairs.

One could feel that the campus is isolated and the student body too small, but Kenyon never stops entertaining with student events, athletics, guest speakers and opportunities for students of all mindsets. See more on their website: