Kent State University

Kent, OH: During the last three years, I have often visited my brother at KSU. Each time, I get excited because of all its facilities and activities.

Many years ago, in April 1970, Kent State made the top of the news when President Nixon announced that our troops were going to invade Cambodia. Many anti-war students began protesting – some buried the Constitution (to symbolize murder), and mobs of students moved into town, breaking windows. The mayor heard about a radical plot and declared a state of emergency. The National Guard was dispatched.

On May 2, some students helped with the city’s clean-up while others continued their protests by burning the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps building. When the firefighters arrived, students slashed their hoses. Then the National Guard cleared the campus, forcing even non-students into dormitories. Then on May 4, a large crowd gathered. National Guardsmen moved the crowd, thinking they would disperse. They did not, and the riot worsened. The Guardsmen were supposed to fire warning shots, but four students were killed and nine were injured.

Kent State has come a long way since this tragedy. One great area is the Recreation Center, called the Rec, where students swim, work out and just relax. The Rec is also open to all residents of Kent, since they helped fund it.

There is also an awesome building designed by students which houses math and computer-science students, and includes many mathematical design elements. For example, the roof is in the shape of the sine wave, all the walls are curved, the west facade is angled, and the pillar is cone-shaped. This building is pleasing to the eye and complicated to the mind.

Last year, my brother was invited to join a fraternity. My family was delighted because it is a service-based group. Now he is the membership educator and in charge of working with the pledges. Last year when he was in charge of finding new services, he came up with the Miss Kent Pageant where KSU girls showcased their talents in the performing arts. All the money they raised went to an inner-city school, and the winner received a scholarship. Since it was so well received, the Miss Kent Pageant will be held annually.

KSU also has a great athletic program. Two years ago, their unknown basketball team made it into the NCAA, even getting to the Elite Eight. They also have baseball, football, volleyball, hockey, golf, soccer, cheerleading, dance, cross country, gymnastics, wrestling and swim teams.

Kent is a great school with much to offer. After visiting for three years, I am sad that next year will be my last, unless I get to go there, too!

Reviewed in 2003