Kendall College

The college i will be reviewing is named Kendall college , it is located in the United States , in Chicago, Illinois. The number if students enrolled is about 2,050 (2011). The majors they offer are business marketing , education and personal culinary services . The degrees they offer for business are hospitality administration , hotel/motel administration, small business administration and etc . The degrees they offer for education are early childhood education , education related , kindergarten/preschool education and etc .The degrees they offer for personal culinary services are baking and pastry arts , culinary arts , institutional food workers and etc. The college is well known for its hospitality and culinary programs they have. How competitive is the school against similar schools ? Kendall college of arts and design (B-) , average of all schools (B) and average of schools in class (B). Number of ratings on grades D (1.0) , C- (2.0) , C (1.0) , B- (2.0) , B (1.0) , B+ (3.0) , A (1.0) .Instate and outstate is 22,095.00 , room and board is 19,900.00 and room only is 9,450.00 . The percentage of females attending the college is 74% and the percentage of makes attending the college is 26%. Typical room energy use baseline , before energy star1) lights (45%) 2) computers (36%) 3) fridge (15%) 4) other (4%) . Typical room energy use with energy star features 1) savings (66%) 2) lights (14%) 3) fridge (10%) 4) computer (9%) 5) other (1%) . They have no student activities like marching band , choral groups , drama / theater group and no sports . What i like about kendall college is that they have a 24 hour emergency telephone/alarm services and 24 hour patrols that makes me feel like the place is safe to walk around at any time . Also another thing i liked about this college is that 95% of kendall graduates reported being employed in their field within six months of graduation .What i disliked about it was that they really didn’t have any student activities do basically you only go there just got your career you can really enjoy anything else like sports or any clubs .