Katharine Gibbs Schools

ValleyForge, PA: There are nine Katharine Gibbs Schools in the northeastern UnitedStates. I visited the one located in southeast Pennsylvania, about 25 minutesfrom Philadelphia. The Katharine Gibbs School is a privately owned college thatoffers a two-year Associate’s degree program. The school is extremely small withno on-campus housing. They are, however, expanding, and construction is underwaythat will double the existing space and add dorms and more classrooms. With theaddition, Gibbs will begin offering a four-year Bachelor’s degree. Theconstruction is expected to be completed this summer.

I will not beattending college next year, but during the tour of Gibbs, I wished I were. Thereare a lot of great things about this school. The education you get is definitelytop-notch – they have phenomenally small classes, and their four-year programonly takes about three years to complete. The Gibbs School is excellent from thetechnology perspective; they have six computer labs, which is a lot when youconsider they have about 15 classrooms.

Though the school sounds great,there is a downside: Gibbs was formerly a secretarial school, and even in thatfield they aren’t very well known. While they do have great teachers, you mayhave to endure some funny looks on employers’ faces when they look at yourresume and ask questions like “Where is this Gibbs school?” Iwould ask myself, “Do I want a good education and a fun experience, or do Iactually want to get a job after college?” If you still want to know moreabout the Katharine Gibbs School, go to www.pagibbs.com.

Reviewed in 2003