Juilliard School

NewYork, NY: Right in the heart of Lincoln Center in Manhattan is one of the mostprestigious conservatories for music, drama and dance: Juilliard. Founded in1905, the school boasts 84 practice rooms (with 22 more in the residence hall),numerous rehearsal rooms, classrooms and studios available for the students touse during their intense training in performance arts.

There are 116full-time and 148 part-time faculty made up of the world’s best performers andcelebrated music, dance and drama teachers. These devoted men and women, whoshare their knowledge and passion for the arts, keep alive Juilliard’s reputationas the country’s top performing-arts school.

A walk through the school’smodern buildings gives a brief introduction to what a Juilliard education is allabout. Surrounding the school is the New York City Opera house along with the NewYork Philharmonic, the New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera.”Lincoln Center Presents” offers 350 live performances each year, andbrings music, opera, theater, dance, puppetry, circus and cultural expressionfrom all over the world to the stages at Lincoln Center. This cultural complexrepresents the very best in performing arts today, and creates a peacefulenvironment.

The residence hall, which houses 350 students, is locatednext door to the school. On the ground floor is a lounge area, kitchen, vendingmachines, study lounge, computer lab and laundry. It is well-suited for theeveryday needs of college students.

After visiting Juilliard, incomparison to other colleges I have visited in the past few months, I have foundno other school could compare to the education and surroundings that Juilliardoffers. It is clear why it is ranked one of the most prestigious performing-artschools in the world.

Reviewed in 2003