Johnson C. Smith

The college that we went to that I am going to talk about is JSU, Johnson C Smith University. Johnson C. Smith was a nice big college. It was very clean and organized. The college had several different buildings. When you walk around the campus you can really tell that they respect their college and likes to keep it clean. The tour guide we had was very informal and very detail. He seemed like to me he took pride in his school and really enjoys it.

Things I learned about this college were that you had to have a GPA of 2.5, your SAT score had to be an 800 and higher, and the ACT score has to be a 17 or higher. The student to teacher ratio was 14:1. Also at the being of the school year when you first come and plan to be a student for all four years, they give you a laptop you get to keep the whole school year and have when you graduate. They have 28 majors, and over 100 student club organizations. 92 percent of the students receive financial aid. They provide the students with free passport and opportunities to study abroad. They told us that the faulty is always there to support you and your goals you want to make in life.

What I like about the school is that it has a very little class size. I like that the people a nice and friendly, and like to help each other. I like that their environment is clean and isn’t a threat or can harm anyone. Also I like that it’s only about 222 freshmen that get in the school so you can easily meet your class that you will graduate with. They have sports that are interesting and clubs that are entertaining.

What I dislike about the school is that they set their GPA score to low. I think that if their school is excellent and that good then they should set their standards higher. I can’t really say what else I don’t like about the school because there was not really anything wrong with it as I toured the college and got information about.