Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD: Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins remains at the forefront of research and discovery. It is consistently ranked among America’s top colleges and universities and is generally recognized as the leader in bio-engineering, yet the college decision should not be made just by reading pamphlets and reviews – one should visit.

I attended the Open House, and was surprised at the large turnout and where the kids were from. The Open House included panels of students, professors and administrators that offered wonderful insight into the university. The professors seemed extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They obviously enjoy what they do, whether taking students to Las Vegas as part of the curriculum, or doing research.

Our tour guide was exceptional and offered sound advice: Do not misspell the name of the university on the application (many people write John Hopkins); get involved in what you enjoy; and live in dorms to get the true college experience.

People on campus were warm and energetic, and it seemed like a nice environment. Our guide assured us that the story of over-competitive students burning others’ homework was just a rumor. Almost all undergraduates are involved in research or internships. In most schools, only graduate students have that honor.

Johns Hopkins is a selective, but wonderful, school that prepares students for the world.

Reviewed in 2003