Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY: Ithaca College, located inwestern New York state, provides many opportunities for students. One isa joint program with neighboring Cornell University so Ithaca studentscan take classes there, a great way to take courses which might not beoffered at Ithaca. Students from both colleges can also participate inspecial events, including concerts and guest speakers, at eithercollege.

Approaching the campus, the highway melts into a citystreet and then to a country road. The scenery is incredible as you nearthe campus – endless fields and farms create a breathtaking view that iswell worth the drive.

The campus itself fits right in with itsimpressive surroundings. Large football and baseball fields are part ofthe diverse athletic program, with a fountain as a focal point of thecampus. There are many on-campus dorms, and a nearby apartment complexaccommodates upperclassmen.

Ithaca has many services to add tostudents’ comfort. A nurse is on duty 24 hours a day, and a doctor isalways on call. Students can also receive free physical therapy wheremedical majors get hands-on experience. If one wants to get away for abit, there are buses to downtown or Cornell.

Ithaca also featuresimpressive buildings. The rehearsal rooms for the music school have justbeen redone, and there are two auditoriums for performances, with asmaller one for student recitals and a larger one for concerts. There isa large library and internet access throughout campus.

Ithaca isa beautiful school and features many unique programs, including anopportunity to take courses from an Ivy League college. It is well worthconsidering and visiting the campus will give students a more accurateidea of all that Ithaca has to offer. Their website is

Reviewed in 2004