Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY: On my way to the Ithaca College campus, I did not know what to expect. After driving for over five hours from Massachusetts, I finally arrived at the college. I was amazed by what I saw. I was astonished when I looked up the hill and saw two gigantic towers which looked like elegant hotels. Driving through the front gate, I saw a professional size tennis court with the school colors, blue and gold, flying.

The dorm rooms were not that big but an adequate size to live in. The college looks so isolated even though it is only minutes from the center of Ithaca. The college has around six thousand students. It is big enough so you can always find someone to be with.

I walked all around and saw the gymnasium. It was huge! I could not believe how much equipment could fit into one building. After looking at all the buildings, I was drawn to the School of Communications building. It has all of the different areas of communications fused into one building. Down one hall you see an animation studio, down another you can see television recording studios. and along another hall, you find the campus radio and television stations. As you can tell, Ithaca College is a great school that I liked. n

Reviewed in 1992