Ithaca, NY: I visited Ithaca College in mid-November. I fell in love with it instantly.

The people were friendly and it was the best atmosphere I have encountered on my college search.

The campus is very clean. The day I visited Ithaca, all the students were outside, between classes, listening to students speak at an open forum, or just hanging out. This was the most memorable aspect of my visit. The students’ actions and the way the campus presented itself were beautiful.

The tour I took was very informative. The girl who was my tour guide definitely had a lot of training and practice. Any questions I had, she was able to answer. She knew every detail about the school, which not only impressed me, but demonstrated how much she loved the school.

There is one “bad” thing, however: the dorms. The ones that I viewed were TINY! But they were clean and neat which made the size more tolerable. The eating areas were plentiful, and it was evident that there were many types of meals from which to choose.

Two more facilities that really impressed me were the student union and the athletic buildings. I was excited to learn that if I attended Ithaca, I could participate in almost any sport, or work out in the well-maintained facilities. The student union had many different parts including a game room, a quiet lounge and a more social area, plus much more.

The college town had everything you would need as a student at college, but may be lacking in social aspects.

Overall, as I said before, I fell in love with Ithaca. I highly recommend a tour and interview; it was very pleasurable. n

Reviewed in 1991