It was an X-perience day!

I’m finally here. The place of my dreams. That’s the kind of feeling you’ll get when you walk through Xavier Universities beautiful big doors. Xavier wasn’t my first college visit, honestly up until the summer before my senior year, it hadn’t even been my first choice. But the moment I saw the campus and heard what they had to say I knew it was where I wanted to go.
Being the oldest and first in my close family to go to college, my parents and I really weren’t sure what to expect on these visits. What would they go over? Financial aid? Living on and off campus? The Cost of it all? And most importantly how would I know it was right for me? But to our relief when we went to Xavier for the tour, they really helped us with all our questions. They sat us down with some other families (A small group) and we listened as a very nice women went over the benefits of Xavier, the cost, and what they were most known for (Yes basketball being one of them) She also made sure to stop whenever anyone had a question and was very polite when answering back. I think everyone at the end felt comfortable being able to ASK about something. Which was really important to my parents and I. We wanted to feel comfortable. And we did through the whole presentation we were able to have a drink, relax, and just hear about the fun things I could do at Xavier. And when that was over (this was the fun part) we got to take a tour.
First things first, I have to say, Xavier is really an amazing campus. From their pristine, stone buildings (all updated with air-conditioning and WiFi I might add) to their beautifully landscaped surroundings, Xavier knows how to make you feel at home. We were separated into tinier groups with a current student leading us (the girl we had was really nice and answered every question we threw at her). She showed us the main parts of campus, like the library, some of the classrooms, a dorm room (With air conditioning-even for freshmen!) and my favorite part…the cafeteria! When going to college I found it’s always nice when the college you go to has edible food, that’s always a plus. And Xavier did. Their cafeteria had a lot of choices. If you were a vegetarian, there was something for you, if you loved mean, there was something for you, and if you had a sweet tooth, you better believe there was something for you too. All in all, at the end of our tour my family and I just didn’t want to leave. It was an awesome day and my favorite tour so far.