Indiana University

Bloomington, IN: The first thought that popped into my head when I arrived on Indiana University’s campus was: WOW! Located in the town of Bloomington, I.U. (home of the Hoosiers) has the biggest college campus I have ever seen. Within its boundaries some 29,000 students receive an education each day, an education which is considered top-notch as far as most state universities go.

On day two of my visit, I took the campus tour. WARNING: Do not wear shoes on this tour. Sneakers are a definite must. The tour guide was incredibly thorough and very helpful in answering all the group’s questions. The dorms are very nice and modern with outstanding facilities. This applies as well to almost all the academic buildings.

Since I was auditioning for the school of music that weekend, most of my time was spent on that part of campus. The school of music is amazing, to say the least. There is an enormous musical arts center where every weekend a full scale opera is performed. I saw a production of the opera “Wozzeck,” which was very well done. All other performances and recitals I saw were also quite professional.

The center of the town of Bloomington extends from the edge of campus and is the major spot on Friday and Saturday nights with loads of stuff to do. But if you don’t want to go into town, there is always the student union containing arcades, pool rooms, a bowling alley, a movie theater and lots of fast food.

Although I visited from Thursday through Monday, I still didn’t get to see everything. I.U. is a big place with lots of things going on academically, musically and socially! n

Reviewed in 1991