Indiana U.

Indiana University: Bloomington, IN: High school seniors looking for a school with a beautiful campus, spirited college town atmosphere, and high academic standings should consider Indiana University at Bloomington.

After spending two weeks at their High School Journalism Institute this summer, I fell in love with I.U.

The campus is set in Bloomington, Indiana and due to I.U.’s “Big 10” status, school spirit is on the minds of town residents. One cannot walk three feet without bumping into a store with university memorabilia. It makes the school all the more inviting and adds a sense of togetherness, as if all the students and faculty work together to make Indiana University as good as it can be.

Diversity is another facet of the school that I like. Although it is located in the Midwest, the different backgrounds and cultures of the students are apparent as you walk around the campus.

Dorm buildings are standard. They consist of approximately 11 floors with each room containing two beds, desks, closets, bureau and telephone. A lounge in each building is beautifully decorated, equipped with couches, tables and air conditioning.

For me, I was most interested in their journalism program, which is incredible. However, it is only one of 5,000 courses offered at Indiana University. Nine schools exist within the university as a whole, as well as the College of Arts and Sciences.

Many student associations, clubs, and, of course, sports are available, but my favorite recreation at IU was the shopping! Kirkwood is the place to be to find terrific shops, restaurants, and a movie theatre. The Indiana Memorial Union is also a fun place to meet other people. It contains a huge bookstore, bowling alley, arcade, pool hall, restaurants, and more!

Dining at Indiana University is quite good. The cafeteria does an excellent job of accommodating the needs of different people. Vegetarians will be happy to find a salad bar and there was always something on the menu for even the pickiest eater. Plus, many local and chain restaurants cater to the college students by delivering directly to the dorms.

Faculty and students at I.U. are friendly and helpful. As a New Yorker, I was amazed at the number of smiling faces I saw each day and the niceness of the people. It’s impossible to feel lonely because there’s always someone around to make you feel like you belong.

Overall, I think Indiana University is a wonderful school, both academically and socially. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a large campus with a small town atmosphere. For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are interested in journalism, I urge you to look into their High School Journalism Institute. It’s a great way to improve your writing skills, make new friends, and experience campus life – all at the same time! f

Review by K. B., Merrick, NY

Reviewed in 1994