Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington, IL: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in your fruit salad.” This funny phrase is heard around the Illinois Wesleyan campus and is based on their motto “Scientia et Sapientia,” which translates into “knowledge and wisdom.”

With an average ACT score of a 28, standard GPA of 3.8, 11 to 1 student to faculty ratio and a higher than average first year retention rate of 93 percent, Illinois Wesleyan University prides itself on its academic standards, which are similar to those of an Ivy League school.

The school is known for its exceptional nursing, business, theatre and liberal arts programs.

The 80 acre arboretum campus is both beautiful and small. There are more than 160 student organizations on campus, so students have a plethora of options to become involved.

With Illinois State University less than a mile away, students get the chance to experience a larger university and it provides an opportunity to get out of the “Wesleyan bubble.” Other attractions off campus include: the Miller Park Zoo, the Normal Theatre, the David Davis mansion and many more.

Famous alumni include, but obviously not limited to: U.S Senator Scott Lucas, actress Christina Moore, Grammy award winning soprano Dawn Upshaw, and comedian Andy Dick attended, but did not graduate.

Athletics are a very big part of the Wesleyan experience and are just as important to students as academics. Eighteen varsity sports are available to students, as well as an intramural program with 20 different athletic events scheduled into it.

An interesting aspect of Wesleyan is May Term. The academic year ends at the end of April. Students can opt to stick around for an additional month and be immersed into a single subject and experience curricular experimentation, nontraditional/interdisciplinary approaches and close student-faculty collaboration. For May Term, students can elect to remain on campus, participate in an internship, collaborate with faculty on research projects, or study abroad.

Admission to the University is selective, so applying early is encouraged and the Early Action deadline is November 15 . There is no application fee.

The strong combination of academics, athletics, undergraduate focus, personal attention and great campus life is what, I believe, sets Wesleyan apart from other universities.

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