Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington/Normal, IL: Visiting colleges is something everyone trying to choose a school should do.This is one of the best ways to learn about a college. Illinois WesleyanUniversity, located in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois, is just one of the collegesI have seen, and is a private school with 1,600 students.

The professorsand students I talked to were very helpful and informative. They went out oftheir way to make me feel welcome.

I am interested in nursing, soI was thrilled that I could talk to several professors and nursing students, andsee actual nursing classrooms. This really let me have an inside look at where Iwould probably spend most of my time, and discover how they run the nursingprogram.

The campus is absolutely beautiful. It is well-maintained and nottoo big or spread out. One worry I have about college is not knowing where thingsare. I know I would feel comfortable there because after spending just one day Iknew my way around most of the school.

There is one drawback, though andit happens to be a big one – the cost is $28,000 a year! They do offer financialaid and scholarships, but having a brother there who has huge loans to repay isnot encouraging.

Illinois Wesleyan is still one of my top choicesdespite its cost. If money is not a big issue in your college decision, I suggestyou consider it. Everyone is willing to help with whatever they can, and wants tomake your visit memorable.

Reviewed in 2002