Husson College

Bangor, ME: Many seniors go out and visit the college of their choice, but when I heard that Husson College was coming to my school, I decided to wait and talk to their representative. She was friendly, polite and seemed very caring.

It seems Husson’s main focus is the students’ education. It is a private co-ed college with over 1,000 students. It offers degrees in business, health and professional studies. The average class size is 20 with a 22:1 student/teacher ratio.

Husson has a varied campus which includes a gymnasium with an Olympic-size swimming pool, weight room, and tennis and racquet ball courts.

She also told us that the college was recently recognized nationally for the variety and quality of their meals. They provide five- or seven-day meal plans.

The student activities range from sororities and fraternities, sports, service clubs, student government, and a campus radio station to a student newspaper and an international club.

Husson provides nearly 90 percent of the student body with some type of federal, state, community or campus financial aid.

What really impressed me was what I learned while talking to the representative about their nursing program. They have twice the number of clinical hours than most baccalaureate programs and they offer a wide variety of clinical experiences in hospitals.

If you want to go to a smaller college with a friendly atmosphere and a good educational program, Husson College is for you. f.

Reviewed in 1996