Howard University

Recently, I’ve been visiting many colleges. One University that I’ve learned a lot about is Howard University. Although you may have heard a lot about this college because of actors who have went here in the past I will give you my opinion as a junior who is looking for a good college to settle for in the future.

Howard University. The home of the bisons and located in the city, in Washington, DC.

They are known for their school of business and law and Arts program. There at Howard they have an enrollment of 10,265 students with an acceptance rate of 49%. Also they offer up to 202 majors.

Previously, I’ve visited Howard three times in the future and would say that the atmosphere here is very welcoming. I walked passed a young lady and she asked me if I went here and if I didn’t, did I have any questions. We exchanged numbers and she went on to tell me things that Howard do not show their visitors. I’ve learned that freshman females stay in dorms called “The Quad”. However on campus housing is online given to those who have high Gpa’s and are involved. For appearance I would say that Howard doesn’t appear to good on the eyes as far as the outside of the buildings. But, they do offer division 1 sports such as football,basketball,baseball,volleyball,track,etc.

This college in my opinion seems to only talk about celebrities that once went here more than what can they provide for the students. Also I disliked how they have an elementary school on campus. I feel that people go to college to be independent and to get an education, not to see little kids running around. I recommend that if you aren’t African American you may not want to go here because they talk a lot about the history of the school and the struggles African Americans went through to get there. Also it is a historically black university so many people who aren’t African American may feel uncomfortable even though this college is open to all races.

Though many people have different opinions about Howard, this is how I feel. Howard has both pros and cons about attending its university. However, It will still be on my list because every school has the good and bad.