Holy Cross

Worcester, MA: Are you searching for the right college? I was until I reached Worcester, Massachusetts. One college specifically stood out in my head, as it stood out in Worcester on a great hill. Yes, College of the Holy Cross is the school I’m speaking of and for all you juniors and seniors who haven’t yet begun looking at or decided on a college, I recommend a visit. You won’t be disappointed. When I first visited the Cross, it was a hot and muggy day in July between my junior and senior years. The Cross had one of the most beautiful campuses I had seen: ivy on the walls of red brick buildings with matching brick walkways, nicely trimmed green grass, a 28,000-seat football stadium, two Olympic-size swimming pools, a science lab, a 1,200 seat hockey arena, and library with three million volumes. Holy Cross academics and athletics are second to none. Rated in the top 25 colleges across America by Newsweek, Holy Cross is an accredited and reputable school.

As I strolled into the admissions office to find out when the next campus tour was, I was overwhelmed by the impressive artwork and sculptures which decorated the hallways. After a short conversation with the lady at the admissions desk, my tour of the campus began. I was able to view most of the campus.

Though quite different from my second tour of the campus in December (when classes were in session and the campus was smothered in snow), this tour was a good opportunity to see what the dorms and different facilities were like without disturbing anyone’s studies or being noticed by the students. What impressed me most was not the spectacular campus or the top-notch facilities or even the very personable and friendly student body and staff, but the endless educational opportunities it offers. Holy Cross is a small liberal arts college (2,600 enrollment), yet it offers highly respected pre-med, pre-law, and engineering programs that a larger university would offer. After learning this, I became even more impressed with the campus.

I made two more return visits and my encounters with the Cross only got better. Holy Cross is that perfect mix of academics, athletics, social outlets and opportunity. If you have not visited Holy Cross already, go. f

Reviewed in 1996