Hamilton College

Clinton, NY: After spending a weekend in February at Hamilton College, I felt it was the place for me. I stayed with a junior named Bo. To begin my visit, I drove five hours with my friend Brian through scenic upstate New York before finally arriving in Clinton, the home of Hamilton. Bo first took us to his dorm room, which was more like an apartment, with a kitchen and bathroom. After we met his roommate, we all went to a basketball game. Hamilton participates at a Division III level in all intercollegiate athletics. It has both an astro-turf field and the oldest hockey rink in the nation.

After the game, Bo took us to the “Pub” where we ordered burgers and fries. The food was very good. A tour of the campus was next. The people I met at Hamilton were very down-to-earth. Even though it was late, the campus was alive with activity.

Hamilton is only 45 minutes from Syracuse University and 10 minutes from Utica, a major city. You can fly, drive or take the bus there from the Boston area. Hamilton is a small, liberal arts, New England-style college in the middle of upstate New York. n

Reviewed in 1991