Grand Canyon University

Phoenix,AZ: Religion plays an important role in my life, and because I want to major inpre-medicine, I need a school with a highly regarded science department. Smallerclasses are helpful for learning and yield more one-on-one time with professors,and like any other girl, I want dorms that are modern with plenty of bathroomspace! As I was touring campuses, I found that Grand Canyon University meets allmy needs.

GCU is a private Christian university in the heart of Phoenix.Home of the Antelopes, it’s known for its academics and athletics. The sciencedepartment is highly recommended and the average class has 31 students. Everyprofessor, in all departments, is Christian. While it is not mandatory thatstudents be religious to attend, there are two requirements students must meeteach semester: 1) Every student must attend a church workshop twice a week and 2)Students must attend three different churches. Canyon feels religion should be inevery student’s schedule.

The dorms are modern and spacious. There aretwo students to each room, and the bathrooms are very large and cleanedregularly. This past fall, Canyon opened new apartments for the upper classmen.They look just as an apartment complex would.

Grand Canyon University isdefinitely the place for students interested in smaller classes, religion and agreat education. Go, Antelopes!

Reviewed in 2003