Georgetown University

Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University is a school which, in my opinion, is ideal in every way. The location is perfect – a few miles from the offices of the Federal Government and, of course, Washington, with all its museums, shops, and restaurants! The school is almost impossible to get into, it seems, but I was so impressed by all that I saw when I visited the campus, that I can’t help but share my enthusiasm.

The University is divided into five schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Foreign Service, Business Administration, Language and Linguistics, and Nursing. The students I spoke with all said the same thing about Georgetown – it’s unbelievable! The classes, the dorms … even the food – incredible! Even though there’s no fraternity system, everyone said the parties are fabulous and there’s tons of stuff to do, almost too much. For anyone who’s interested in working with the White House, Georgetown is perfect. I don’t really have anything negative to say about the school except for the fact that there’s a great deal of academic pressure. I recommend Georgetown to all who take their education very seriously and want to make the best out of their college experience. n

Review by L. B., Marshfield, MA

Reviewed in 1993