George Washington University

Washington D.C. : Like many of my New York peers, I began my college search with state universities, the first at SUNY Binghamton. After a tour and some research about its academic programs, my parents asked if I wanted to go there. I said, “If it has four walls and teachers, I don’t care what school I go to.” Little did I know that just a month later, I would visit George Washington University and completely change my lax attitude about college.

I was first attracted to Washington because of the majors I am interested in. What better place to start off in politics and law than the capital of the United States? My first visit to George Washington University included a tour of the Foggy Bottom campus and an informational meeting in the Marvin Center. During our self-guided tour of the area, we got lost and I fell in love with it all.

I come from a suburban area and know I want an urban college. I realized GW was for me because during the tour, I felt like I was going down that first drop on a roller coaster, with my arms in the air. I knew that learning political science or law in the nation’s capital, with the best internship and job opportunities available, was what I needed. With all the resources at my disposal, I would learn, and even more importantly use, the tools of my education. Washington, D.C. is the center of our politics and history. It will not only provide me with the ability to learn and use my acquired skills, but will also expose me to others who want to mold the future of America.

After being the president of my school’s Model Congress, spending over a week at the Congressional Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) and also interning at my district attorney’s office, I knew the hustle and bustle of the political atmosphere was for me. GW had such an impact that after my first visit, I went home and downloaded George Washington screensavers and backgrounds. I was hooked.

After going to D.C. for a second time during the CSLC program, I decided I wanted to see GW again. The second visit was even more exciting than the first. This time, I toured the Mt. Vernon campus, the quieter side that would make it an easy transition to city life from the suburbs for me. Originally, I had planned to apply early decision to the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, but at the second information session, I learned about a program that seemed exactly what I wanted: the new six-year BA/JD program. Having just had my first real experiences with the law process and courtroom procedures, I was drawn to it immediately.

Since I laid eyes on George Washington, my excitement about applying has only intensified. My goals right now are to choose the best path, follow my interests, and work hard. I believe that George Washington University is the best possible school in the best possible location for my continued studies of, and passion for, politics and especially law. Their website is