George Washington University

Washington,D.C.: As I embarked on my journey to visit colleges, I was somewhat annoyed thatmy parents made me visit George Washington University. The only reason it wasincluded was because my parents are friends with a professor there. Coming intothe situation with the bias that I would dislike the university proved a colossalmistake.

The main campus is six tightly packed blocks in the heart ofWashington, D.C., within walking distance to the White House, WashingtonMonument, and the Lincoln Memorial.
Nearly 8,000 undergraduate studentslive on campus, despite its small size.

George Washington Universityboasts many opportunities, offering 87 majors and 270 clubs and organizations.With more than 110 student-sponsored events, every lifestyle isrepresented.

No two dorms are alike. The buildings range from renovatedhotels to a brand-new 400-room complex. Rooms hold between one and six students,most include a bathroom and a full-sized refrigerator and microwave. Housekeepingis an added bonus for freshmen. The only rule is that the housekeeping staff mustbe able to see the floor.

Even with its steep price, George WashingtonUniversity seems like a bargain when you consider what they offer. Tuition isabout $25,000, not including room, board and other fees.

Overall,George Washington University is an outstanding environment for those who don’tmind urban living and love cultural diversity. Want a great education andcountless opportunities? This is the place to be.

Reviewed in 2001