George Washington University

Washington,D.C: Founded in 1821 and chartered by Congress, George Washington University isthe largest institution of higher education in the nation’s capital.

GWhas something for everyone with nine major schools and hundreds of undergraduate,graduate and professional programs. Its location provides great opportunities forstudents to intern in political offices and gain experience in political affairs.Even if you aren’t interested in politics, you can still explore other areas ofinterest.

The admissions process at GW focuses on the aspects mostcolleges consider: your transcript, SAT scores, extra-curricular activities,community service and college essay. It is also recommended that you take threeof the SAT II.

GW is a city school and therefore its campus is very spreadout. There are actually two campuses, Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon. If you enjoycity life and can picture yourself walking through the city to get to yourclasses, then the Foggy Bottom campus is the one for you. If you prefer more of agreen campus that is smaller and easier to navigate, you should consider theMount Vernon Campus.

One aspect of the school I found to be a big plus isthat any dorm room with more than one occupant has its own bathroom. That meansyou don’t have to go down the hall with all your toiletries to take a shower!

Overall, I found George Washington University an excellent school,with a beautiful campus and a great student life. If you want to go to a schoolwith a big-city campus that is politically oriented, then George WashingtonUniversity is definitely worth considering.

Reviewed in 2003