Franklin Pierce College

Rindge, NH: When you think of a small school, do you think that it will never have what you are interested in or that you will get sick of seeing the same people all the time? I did before I visited Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, New Hampshire. As I drove up to the college, I was greeted by a summer camp setting complete with boathouse and small beach. There are many different types of residence halls from the connected dorms (where mostly freshman live) to the on-campus apartments and condominiums.

My tour of the campus was very informative because it was done on a personal level with one guide for each visiting prospective student. I also was hosted by the Assistant Director of Admissions, rather than a student, who gave me an interview. This doesn’t often happen at larger schools. It was interesting to see the area where my major was located. I saw the classrooms and the television and radio stations. (I am interested in majoring in Communications.) There is also a computer room where you can type your paper without needing to own your own computer. There are many advantages to a small school, such as their small faculty to student ratio of 17 to 1. Also, because there are many activities offered, many students stay for the weekends.

Franklin Pierce competes in NCAA Division II athletics and places among the top ten in the nation in most of its many sports. Activities that really impressed me were the free trips to Boston and to other places for a minimal cost. These offerings seemed to make the fact that Franklin Pierce is not in a real “college town” less noticeable. I encourage anyone who is interested in a small, or even a large, college in New England to seriously consider Franklin Pierce. n

Reviewed in 1991