Franklin Pierce

Date of visit: November, 1989

Length of stay: one day

Located in Rindge, N.H., the campus is at the base of a mountain which adds to the already beautiful surroundings. The buildings are new and well-kept. The college is only 38 years old, therefore it is quite up-to-date. The library is rather large and it has its own anthropology museum.

I was very impressed with Franklin Pierce. It’s the kind of school to think of it you like the mountains, quiet, and something small. Franklin Pierce only has about 1200 students with a 17 to 1 student/faculty ratio.

The classrooms were your regular blackboard and desks type except for some departments. For example, the Education Department had a room for student teachers with books and games. The computer facilities were quite modern and the college just updated their athletic facilities. There are three eating areas (not including outside when the weather is nice). The meals were excellent. There was everything from salad to cake. The dorm rooms were a little on the small side, except for the upperclass dorm rooms, which offer views of the mountain. You can also choose between all-men, all-women, or co-ed dorms. They all have 24-hour visitation policies.

After speaking with a few students and listening to a couple of professors, I discovered that the teachers and students are like a family. It’s a very close-knit college. It received praise from everyone I spoke to.

The tour of the college and the tour guide were both excellent. The guide answered all my questions and showed me the entire campus right down to the mail room and the school store.

The most memorable part of my visit was the tour. Just walking around and seeing college life as it is thrilled me.

Franklin Pierce is a wonderful college. It is right on a lake for canoeing, swimming, and sailboating. It also has many activities to join, such as: the student fire department, the radio station, and the outing club.

Reviewed in 1989