Franciscan University

Steubenville, OH: Only 20 minutes from Pittsburgh, Steubenville is a quaintindustrial town. I arrived at this Catholic university late inthe evening and, although not a party school, it was stillfunctioning. Francisan has a fairly small student body whereeveryone gets involved. I was with the nicest group I haveseen in one place who were very hospitable and caring abouteverybody.

You could tell this college has a greatreputation for academics because everybody worked so hard. Ihad the privilege to visit a class, and was very impressed bythe participation and eagerness of students. There is no otherway to describe the university but as a utopia. Everythingseemed so perfect. The university is on a hill and isespecially beautiful in the fall. If you are looking atcolleges, make sure you add the Franciscan University ofSteubenville to your list – you won’t regret it!

Reviewed in 1999