Fordham University

New York, NY: I remember thinking why am I even here?I do not want to go to college in the city, especially not New York. One hears somany stories about how dangerous the streets are. Why would I want to be in aplace like this for the next four years of my life? That question was about to beanswered.

We waited in the undergraduate admissions office and then ourtour began. We first were told a little about the university as a whole. It wasfounded by the Jesuits, an order of Catholic priests. The school has twocampuses, one in Manhattan and one in the Bronx. The one in the Bronx is the moretraditional; however, they both have the more traditional reputation. We startedto walk into the new (built last year) residential hall. I started to think ofwhat it would be like to live here. Each apartment had a kitchen and living area.There were also two rooms (each shared by two) and an equal number of bathrooms.Boy, this is not so bad, I thought to myself. Unfortunately I attended aninterview in the summer so my impressions of the students was slim, however,those I met seemed open and willing to answer my questions. The classrooms lookedvery nice and I could see myself learning a great deal.

The athleticfacilities at the Manhattan campus consist mostly of Central Park. For all of youathletes, there is always the campus in the Bronx. As far as my apprehensionsabout the city go, I saw this in a very new light. I saw all that the city has tooffer me. There are endless opportunities to discover new things in a city likeNew York. The university also said that there as a possibility of me working aninternship in the city. In closing, I would like to say to all of you who want agood education, but don’t want to be stuck in the country, check Fordham out.Also those of you (like me) who do not really know, give it a chance. After myone visit, I fell in love with the school and applied immediately. Give Fordham achance; you too might fall in love with all it has to offer. Oh, one more thing.The Manhattan campus is located just behind Lincoln Center.

Reviewed in 1994