Fordham University

Bronx, NY: Located in close proximity to the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, linked to New York City by train, subway, and student-run “Ram Vans,” Fordham University is safer than your first impression might lead you to believe. Situated in the middle of the Bronx, the University does not initially look very inviting, but once you get inside the campus, all of your fears vanish. With a combination of greenery and Gothic architecture, you almost feel as if you’ve stepped into a different world.

The Rose Hill Campus is living cinematic history. Its three story library was used as the site of “The Verdict” and the campus church was filmed in “The Exorcist.” The church has a 40% attendance rate, but Fordham does not solely focus its attention on religion. On the contrary, the Fordham philosophy stresses the importance of the development of the total person: academically, physically, socially, and religiously.

With a student/faculty ratio of 17: 1 and a total enrollment of just over 3000 undergraduates, Fordham offers a surprisingly small class size of 24. The University does have a core curriculum, which is the administration’s way of helping students develop themselves to their full potential. Boasting the strongest internship program in the United States, Fordham prepares you for the real world by merging your studies with businesses and programs relative to your major in the nearby metropolis of New York City.

New to Fordham is the Vince Lombardi Sports Complex, housing an olympic-size pool, indoor track, and weight room. The University has a student run EMT service, and a program by which students can receive incredible discounts on Broadway shows ($10 for a ticket to “Les Miserables)”. Fordham University has much to offer; don’t let your first impression create a false image of this school. n

Reviewed in 1993