Fordham University

Bronx, NY: Fordham University is a private school that takes pride in its Jesuittradition (and lets you know it at every opportunity). The environment is quitediverse and welcomes all. Even its colleges have their own uniquestyles.

The College at Rose Hill is located right outside Manhattan. Atraditional campus, it provides a comfortable, urban ambiance with Gothicarchitecture. Directly across from the New York Botanical Gardens, and a shortjog from the Bronx Zoo, I’d call Fordham pleasant with an attitude. The studentsare friendly, although it’s difficult to find anyone who’s not from New York (notthat that’s a bad thing).

Fordham’s metropolitan campus at Lincoln Centeris another option if city life is what you crave. However, this is their liberalarts college, and majors are limited to the arts and literature.

There isplenty to keep you busy in addition to extensive school-related activities:clubs, museums, theatre, shopping, Broadway and the list goes on. It might bedifficult for some to adjust to the city, but Fordham tries to lend a hand withorientation programs.

In July 2002, Fordham adopted a new campus inWestchester. Marymount College at Fordham University is 180 degrees differentfrom the urban life of the other two campuses. Marymount is a women’s college ina small, quiet neighborhood that would be a good choice for women who want aFordham degree without being in the middle of New York City. In addition, it’snot far from the malls of Rockland County, or the bustle of Manhattan. There areplenty of activities, including plays, community-service opportunities andsmall-town life.

With three residential campuses and five schools, it canbe a challenge to decide where to go, what to major in and what’s in your bestinterest. Luckily, it is possible to take classes at all campuses, provided thatthe majority are at your home campus. No matter where you choose to go, Fordhamtries to accommodate and make everyone feel at home. We also can’t forgetthe great internship opportunities and the option to study abroad.

Reviewed in 2003