Florida Southern

Lakeland, FL: Over this past summer, I visited Florida Southern College. I wasinterested in the campus after they sent me information about the school and itsbaseball program. After seeing the photos in the pamphlets, I knew it looked likea good school and it was exactly what I expected.

When I arrived at thecampus, the architecture was amazing. I later found out that it was designed bythe renowned Frank Lloyd Wright. The residence halls seemed like normal dorms -about average size, nothing too special. When I had the opportunity to see therecreation centers, I almost fainted! The sports complexes were nice due to thesuccess of the teams. Eight times, they have won the Division II BaseballNational Championship and 11 National Championships in othersports.

Florida Southern is a private school in an urban setting. Itoffers bachelor and masters degrees. Last year, 1,777 students applied and 1,297were accepted. SAT scores range from 830 to 1060. The most popular majors atFlorida Southern are psychology, biology, communications, education andbusiness.

This year, Florida Southern was listed among the top collegesfor “Best Value” in its region. Over 90 percent of the students receivefinancial aid, supported in part by an endowment of over 70 million dollars. Thetuition is $11,274 a year. Room and board is $5,600, bringing the total cost to$16,874.

A couple of days at Florida Southern made a strong impression onme. There are many extracurricular activities to partake in, as well as manyhigh-quality classes.

Reviewed in 1998