Fisher College

Boston, MA: Imagine going to school in a mansion and attending class in a room that was once a nursery, a ballroom or a nanny’s bedroom. Unlike most classrooms you’ve been in, these rooms have paintings, wallpaper, plush carpeting and the original curtains. Imagine climbing an elegant marble staircase to get to the library. That’s what you’ll be doing when you attend Fisher College located in the historic Back Bay of one of our most historic cities, Boston.

Fisher is a private, two-year women’s college founded in 1903. It offers 11 majors including Accounting, Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Fashion Merchandising, Travel and Tourism and Paralegal Studies. The student/faculty ratio is approximately 20: 1. At Fisher you are among 400 other women who make you feel truly at home. Whether in the classrooms, newly renovated physical fitness room, or in Fisher’s own mall, you will always be with friends and people who care about you.

Fisher has a job placement rate of 98 percent and offers a lifetime placement service. Fisher also has an Academic Support Center where students can get help with their studies.

Fisher College is the first college in the country to provide an international trip each year as part of the college experience. This trip, called F-I-R-S-T sounds very exciting. When I went to the open house in April, all the students were very excited about the trip, especially my tour guide.

During my visit to Fisher College, I found everyone to be friendly and very helpful. Since I would be majoring in Travel and Tourism, I got a little taste of my college experience through a brief simulation: I posed as a travel agent and made some travel plans for a family.

If you live at Fisher College, your dorm room may overlook the Charles River. You will probably room with two or three other girls.

Some activities and clubs that you can participate in at Fisher are: aerobics, Ju Jitsu, Parents’ Weekend, a ski trip, a whitewater rafting trip, Fisher Olympics, The Charles Viewer (Fisher’s literary magazine), The Beacon (Fisher’s yearbook) and the photography club.

Fisher’s mall is a passage to all the dorm rooms and the main school. The security desk, commuter’s lounge, bookstore, health clinic, snack bar, physical fitness center, student union, and auditorium are located in the mall.

Going to a school in Boston is an experience I would look forward to. With over 30 other colleges in the Boston area, there would be a great opportunity to meet many people from other parts of the country, and the world. n

Reviewed in 1992