Endicott College Beverly, MA: Endicott had a week-long program during Februaryvacation arranged by major. I plan to be a communications major so I went onTuesday. I had recently applied, but because it was an all-women’s college, I hadmy doubts. When I arrived, I was quite surprised to see men sitting there. I wasthen told that in the fall of 1994, Endicott would become coed.

I wastaken to classes that focused on my major. Endicott College has a student/teacherratio of 13: 1. So the classes are small and there are only 800 people in thecollege. The rooms are nice, but the technical equipment impressed me. Endicottnow has a radio station in the Student Hall that is AM and broadcasts throughoutMassachusetts.

My mother was separated from me, but we reunited at lunch.She and I agreed that the selection of food and the food itself was excellent.After lunch, you could leave, take a tour or have an interview. My mom and Idecided to go exploring on our own. The dorms are either modern or old mansions.We were told that one of the mansions is said to be haunted. Freshmen usuallylive in a modern dorm, which is not as nice as the mansions. Endicott has a beachand a beautiful view.

What really impressed me about Endicott (besides itnow being coed) was that every year you can intern somewhere according to yourmajor. Also you can earn an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree. Thestudents there were intensely well-mannered and helpful.

Now that theschool is coed, I can honestly say that anyone who loves the water and hates thesuburbs should attend Endicott. When I left that morning I thought it was goingto be boring, but Endicott definitely changed my mind!

Reviewed in 1994