Endicott College

Beverly, MA: During the month of November I visited Endicott College. The school offers a two-year strong academic and internship program for women. It awards associate and bachelor degrees in selected fields of study.

Arriving at Endicott I couldn’t help but notice its oceanfront campus, and to complement this, it has many spacious resident dorms. There are also private beaches to enjoy during leisure time. Students also have access to many athletic facilities.

The students and professors truly believe that entering freshmen should take every advantage to develop their once-in-a lifetime college experience. They recommend being involved in student activities, such as working on the campus newspaper, performing in the dance company, or working in the television studio. There exists a wide variety of intercollegiate sports to participate in.

I urge young women who are considering a two-year college to investigate Endicott themselves, because it provides an important education through academic support that is needed to survive in the world we live in. n

Reviewed in 1993