Emory University

Atlanta, GA: When I visited Emory University, I learned many, many things. First of all, I learned that I really hate planes. Second, I learned that I really, really hate planes. Other than those two things my trip went well.

Emory University is also called by many “Coke U” due to the fact that Mr. Woodruff, a Coca Cola executive, has donated millions of dollars over the years. One of the most incredible donations is the Woodruff Library which has many, many floors, all of which are stacked to the ceiling with books. This school also has a convenient magazine index, which allows you to locate any article in the 750 publications, back to the early eighties.

The large campus in its entirety is beautiful, covered with flowers and trees that seem to be in constant bloom. Many of the buildings are new, which adds to its astounding image. The dorm that I saw, Turman Hall, is relatively new, complete with its own deli, and rec room. The rooms were ample size, and parking, available everywhere on campus, was extensive. Right now they are in the process of allocating funds for a $30 million art gallery. The university has almost completed the Carlos Museum which holds countless relics from Egyptian tombs, as well as other interesting things.

Some other points of interest are the “duck,” a nickname for the main eating establishment on campus, with a remarkably good selection of foods. Scattered through the campus are nationally-renowned hospitals, headquarters for the American Cancer Institute, and The Center for Disease Control. Even though Emory is not known for its athletic prowess, the sports complex, built into the side of one of the hills, is amazing.

The campus is fantastic, and one is rarely caught sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. I give this school an A+. Oh, yeah, the class I went to was pretty good, too. n

Reviewed in 1993