Emory University

Atlanta, GA: Recently, I flew down to visit Emory University. I was extremely impressed by the beautiful campus, friendly atmosphere and obvious academic excellence I found at Emory.

Emory is located in the city of Atlanta. The campus is enclosed and personal. This aspect was especially important for me because I do not want to go to a college located on busy city streets.

My tour guide informed us that the already spectacular campus is constantly being remodeled and expanded due to their large endowment. I left confident that the best resources would always be available at Emory. Its athletic facility was very impressive, clean and inviting. An Olympic-sized swimming pool, weight room and aerobics rooms are only a few of the possibilities I found.

The students were extremely friendly and spirited. I visited the campus during their homecoming week, and was delighted to find that almost everyone got involved and enjoyed being a student at Emory. I would highly recommend Emory because it is an excellent school with a beautiful campus and infinite resources. Reviewed in 1999