Emerson College

Boston, MA: Located in Boston’s immaculate Back Bay, Emerson College provides a picturesque center for learning with all the amenities of the big city. Founded in 1880, this college, known for its brownstone buildings, has become a fixture in its community, for Emerson has no defined campus. They are intertwined throughout all of Back Bay with a system of shuttle buses and other city transportation connecting them. At Emerson, all of Back Bay is considered your campus and Boston Common, the quad. For those who prefer an urban campus Emerson is perfect, offering access to Boston’s tourist center, fine foods and Cheers, that bar the award-winning television show was based on.

Emerson College seeks students interested in the field of communications and is ranked right up there with other schools like Ithaca and Syracuse. For the academic elite there is the honors program and the Gold Key Society, organizations that offer up to $6,000 in scholarships annually as well as Dean’s and Trustee’s scholarships awarded on academic achievement. For those ambitious actors and drama daredevils, Emerson Stage rewards scholarships contingent on performance decided through audition/portfolio review. Some of Emerson’s most recognizable graduates include Henry Winkler, Norman Lear, Richard Dysart, Michelle Gillen, Spalding Gray, Morton Dean and Steven Wright.

Emerson College boasts nine classroom buildings, a library and media center, television studios, two radio stations, five performance stages and the Emerson Majestic Theatre.

Although sports is not the main priority of the school, there are 11 varsity teams as well as intramural and recreational activities going on throughout the year. However, the school’s facilities seemed old and possibly in need of repair, and, with no sports facility of its own, Emerson uses neighboring colleges, or the city’s, resources

A perfect education nowadays is unheard of, but if you are searching for a higher education, consider the facts and consider Emerson. n

Reviewed in 1993