Elon University

Elon College, NC: I had the opportunity to visit colleges in NorthCarolina, and the one I liked best was Elon.

When I walked onto thecampus, what struck me was the elegance of the school. It has state-of-the-artlearning tools but still holds on to the feeling of the Old South with 500 woodedacres and prestigious-looking academic buildings.

Elon has much to offerits 4,000 students. It has every major you can think of including pre-med,broadcast communications, chemistry, education and more. With these great majors,and small classes of 24 students, Elon allows you to follow your dreams withone-on-one learning opportunities.

Elon also has a wide variety ofextracurricular activities. Elon offers many Division One sports, includingfootball, soccer, basketball and cross country, as well as an extensive communityservice team and a study abroad program.

Although Elon is bordered bycow pastures, it isn’t as far from civilization as you might think – it isbetween Greensboro and Burlington, two cities with plenty ofentertainment.

Elon is a great school with many nice people. I hope thisreview will help you with your search for the perfect college.

Reviewed in 2001