Elmira College

Elmira, NY: The mountains we traveled through from upstate New York to get to Elmira College were breathtaking, but not nearly as beautiful as the campus itself. The old buildings, some dating back to the mid-1800s, were very detailed and everything you would imagine a college to look like. The walls of one hall had wood carvings, with intricate designs. All the lounges had very comfortable furniture, some with fireplaces. The rooms exuded a comfortable atmosphere. The campus was very well kept.

The tour was very informative, and the guides knew what they were talking about and were able to answer all our questions on many topics. I was very impressed at the number of fliers for events posted around campus for just about any activity you might want to get involved in, whether Amnesty International, sports or a band. There were also tutoring schedules in dorm halls. We only saw one room, but it was nice.

We ate lunch in a formal dining room. There was also a regular lunch hall and a store. The food was very good. The faculty was very friendly at Elmira; and the teachers who spoke seemed very genuine and open-minded. Of course a school with a freshmen beanie ceremony would have to have open-minded teachers.

Other noteworthy items about Elmira are, number one: the size of the campus. Everywhere we went was within easy walking distance, and we toured the entire campus. Also the walks were very well lit. All on-campus events, like big-name comedians and bands like George Carlin and The Gin Blossoms, are free for students, as are all the sports events. Also, community service is required here. You must have 60 hours by the time you graduate and receive credit for these hours.

For anyone who does well in school and is looking for an affordable, high quality college with a friendly atmosphere, I would recommend they look at Elmira. f

Reviewed in 1998