Elmira College

Elmira, NY: Elmira College is one college that I could definitely spend four years in. Founded in 1855, it is a private co-educational, liberal arts college, with two twelve-week terms followed by a six-week term devoted to travel, field experience, research, or independent study. The most memorable part of the college are the campus buildings. The original building still stands, and eight college buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The landscaping is very well taken care of, as are the buildings. There is even an on-campus pond, dubbed as “The Puddle.”

All of the students seem to enjoy their time at Elmira, and the professors seemed nice and were willing to talk. The classes are small, with an average student/teacher ratio of about sixteen to one. The library is moderately sized as well. They have over 350,000 books, lots of magazines, films, and videocassettes, 710,000 sheets of microfiche, and a large assortment of CDs.

The dining room was also nice, including the main kitchen and a sweet shop that carries soda, cookies, brownies, ice cream, and lots of candy. The student union, or “Campus Center,” included bowling alleys, two lounge/bars, a large reading room, the dining room, a TV room, art gallery, and radio station run by students.

The athletic facilities at Elmira are a sight to see! The college has two main facilities, including the world’s first geodesic domed athletic complex with a 3,500-seat hockey arena, a 2,400-seat gymnasium, four indoor tennis courts, an indoor track, and two outdoor athletic fields. Elmira has also just completed seven million dollars of renovation to their second gymnasium and theater house.

Elmira is the college for me. Beautiful grounds, wonderful old buildings, helpful professors and administrators, and friendly students really make this feel like my school. f

Reviewed in 1996