Edinboro University

Edinboro, PA: In northwesternPennsylvania lies the beautiful campus of Edinboro University.Twenty miles from Erie (Pennsylvania’s third largest city) and100 miles from Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Edinboro hasa prime location. Founded in 1857, it began in one building;now the 585-acre campus has 42 buildings and a five-acrelake.

The weight room was built recently and providesstudents with a great facility in the University center. Thereare 17 intercollegiate sports including my favorite, softball.Edinboro is NCAA Division II and is highly ranked for itssports program. Its fields are all new or under construction.There are also over 100 clubs and organizations, 18 musicalgroups and many “get-away” weekends for students.And the food is good, too!

The technology at Edinborocan’t be compared. It has a seven-story library with 440,000bound volumes and 1.2 million microform units! There are 20computer labs and Internet access.

The classes inEdinboro are small and have a student to faculty ratio of19:1. Students can also receive private or group tutoring,which really helps students succeed.

The dorms inEdinboro are either co-ed, private, honor, or living andlearning. This provides a wide variety of selection. The roomsare also computer and cable TV equipped.

Edinboro is agreat college with many strong athletic and academic programs.I strongly recommend it. Drive there and visit!

Reviewed in 1999