Eckerd College

Boca Raton, FL: From looking at the brochures of Eckerd College, I have learned a lot about it. It is located in St. Petersburg, Florida on the Boca Ciega Bay. It looks very beautiful. The warm weather and the great location are greatly stressed throughout. I know that reading the brochures is not at all the same as visiting the college or talking with someone who has been there, but I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what Eckerd College is like.

While reading the brochure, my feelings went back and forth. There are so many positives and negatives that come with looking into a school. There were many great things, like the great location, not far from Gulf of Mexico beaches, Tampa, or even Orlando. The campus is fairly large, 267 acres, with 1350 students and 90 full-time faculty members. For someone who wants to attend a small school, this sounds good.

One of the brochures was about the visitor’s tour. The tour consists of seeing the main buildings, the many athletic fields, and the four main classroom buildings. The tour allows the student visitors to sit in on a class. The student is also offered an overnight stay in a dorm with a student. It seems to me that the tour is worth the trip for one who is considering Eckerd.

The brochures also tell about the strong academic program and the many activities. Unfortunately I am interested in Pre-Med, which Eckerd does not offer. Eckerd students interested in Pre-Med major in any subject (math, science, literature, or even music). Eckerd College will guide the student toward the classes required for medical school. In one of their letters, I was told that the major I choose will also help me to find an alternative career in case I am not accepted to medical school. To me, that does not sound very promising. My dream is to become a doctor and I do not want anything to get in the way.

Reading brochures about a college is not always the best way to make your choice, but you learn what you can. f

Reviewed in 1996