Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA: Drexel University is at the center of University City, a section of Philadelphia that is also home to the University of Pennsylvania. Although Drexel is a part of a larger college community, there is no doubt when you cross onto the Drexel campus. Flags of a Celtic dragon, the University’s mascot, surround the campus and culminate in a statue that stands at the heart of Drexel.

The university is made up of several colleges that specialize in different areas. Drexel has a very private, enclosed feeling even though it is in Philadelphia. Patrolled by campus security and the local police, it feels very safe.

Drexel University is primarily a science, engineering and business school, but I visited to find out about its dramatic writing program. Drexel is one of the few universities in the country that offers dramatic writing as a major! This, as well as a number of other creative majors, is taught in the College of Media Arts and Design building. The professors I met were very friendly and quite entertaining.

Mr. Abrams, director of dramatic writing, is the creator of CBS’s “Early Edition,” and was very welcoming and honest about his field and the school’s program. I was even able to sit in on a class, which was small and intimate.

The students were very energetic, as was the teacher. I believe these are ideal conditions for learning. Unfortunately, as with most universities, there are some massive introductory courses to get through before enjoying the smaller, more specific ones.

One interesting aspect of Drexel is the Co-op Experience Program. Basically, you do an internship in your field, sometimes as early as sophomore year, so that by the time you graduate you have at least two years in your field which enables you to experience the practical application of what you are studying.

Overall, I think Drexel University offers an excellent post-secondary education that will give you the skills needed in the workplace.

Reviewed in 2003