University of Delaware

Newark, DE: This past November I made aneight-hour drive down to the University of Delaware. I normally dislike long carrides, but something told me that this trip was one that I would both enjoy andremember for a long time to come.

As I neared the campus, I began to lookfor buildings associated with the college. The first thing I saw was a hugesports arena with a large sign in front, which read: “Welcome to the Universityof Delaware. Home of the Blue Hens.” At this point, I knew I was inlove.

The University of Delaware is a very unique school. It is situatedin Newark, Delaware, a small city of about 26,000 residents. Its quiet atmosphereand colonial-style buildings emit a feeling of warmth and happiness. Anothergreat feature of the university is its location. It’s about one hour fromPhiladelphia and Baltimore, and two hours from Washington, D.C. and New YorkCity. This makes it easy when you need to get away from school work.

While on the campus, I received an excellent tour. It was very well run,and very informative. Walking around the campus only made me more eager to gohome and finish my application. Our tour guide took us through several academicbuildings, a dining hall, the very impressive library, and showed us some typicaldorm rooms. Everything I saw and heard was top-notch.

The university,comprised of eight undergraduate colleges, is home to a little more than 14,000students. It offers more than 100 majors, and 1500 different courses. TheUniversity of Delaware competes in the NCAA Division I as a member of the NorthAtlantic Conference. In addition to competitive sports, there are a great numberof recreational and intramural programs. The university also possesses many finestudent-run organizations, fraternities, sororities and a strong musicprogram.

Every student I saw there seemed happy and friendly. The teachersand other staff members conveyed a positive attitude toward students as well aseach other. They made me feel at home, and were ready and willing to help me outin any way. Visiting The University of Delaware was an experience which was asinteresting as it was fun and exciting.

To any student who is looking foran exceptional, medium-sized university, with strong academic qualities andplenty to do, then applying to the University of Delaware is the best thing thatyou can do. It would be a choice from which you would benefit for the rest ofyour life.

Reviewed in 1994