I arrived at Davidson College on April 18 and left the following day. Davidson is located in the small town of Davidson, North Carolina. The closest place to see a movie or shop is in Charlotte about twenty minutes away, which is not a bustling city. The environment is definitely small town.

The campus of Davidson is beautiful yet small. It is in a square with lecture buildings in the center. They have their own research labs and student theater.

The students at Davidson were the most diversified that I saw on any campus, but there are not many of them, only about 1,400. They were all friendly and interested in us “prospectives.” The dorms were medium-sized for freshmen and of fine quality but not fabulous. The cafeteria was large and had a big variety of choice, yet most students eat in their eating houses which serve as Davidson’s sororities, which one simply can join.

The weather was gorgeous as was the new sports complex and tennis courts. Davidson’s biggest asset, in my mind, is their strong honor code and respect for individuality. Students schedule their own final exams and take them wherever they please. The faculty not only respects the honor code but demands it. The students never lock their doors and there is no security system in the library; you are on your honor. Davidson is beautiful and personable and I enjoyed it immensely.

Reviewed in 1990