Davidson College

Davidson, NC: I’ve heard that there is afeeling you get when you visit the ideal campus, an “I know this isit” moment that is simultaneously exhilarating and satisfying. Iexperienced something like this when visiting Davidson College lastyear, and now I am attending the school.

Whether you believe inthis “feeling” or are more inclined to choose a college basedon careful consideration of academics, price or other factors, make sureto check out Davidson.

Located in the heart of NorthCarolina’s Piedmont region and an hour and a half from Wake Forest, itis the focal point in the town (a charming place with 5,000 residents).Featuring older red-brick buildings along with brand-spanking-newathletic and classroom facilities, Davidson is a great mix of modern andtraditional. The new theater is indicative of this, with its beautifultiered-seating and plush red-velvet chairs.

I took a campus tourduring the summer, but I truly got a feel for the school after stayingovernight in late November. With 1,600 students, it feels intimate, butnot to the extent that there aren’t plenty of people you don’t know. Thestudents are wonderful, too. Everyone seems fairly affluent, but no oneacts like it. People seem very tolerant and willing to learn about othercultures. In fact, I was able to attend a lecture given by Buddhistmonks while I was there, which isn’t something you’d find at aWASP-haven school.

The classes seemed challenging, and thestudents were actively engaged in group discussions. Most had taken APand IB classes in high school, which I highly recommend for anyoneconsidering Davidson or other upper-tier schools.

The gym isamazing, and open 24 hours a day. My mom commented that it looked like acountry club. They even do your laundry for you, a perk included in roomand board. Who could beat that?

I am extremely excited aboutattending Davidson, and heartily urge all readers to look into it. If asmall school seems right for you, learn more on davidson.edu
Reviewed in 2004