Amherst, NY: I know you’re probably tired of hearing about all of these colleges but as soon as I set my eyes on Daemen College, I was hooked. I kept telling myself that this college was the one for me. If you want to go to a college that has a small class size and a small, peaceful campus, then Daemen College is the right one for you.

Daemen is located right outside of Buffalo in Amherst. The town is very beautiful, clean and a great setting to view nature. Daemen is very close to Canada so you can go there for fun and see Niagara Falls. On campus, you can walk to your classes in under ten minutes.

As I visited Daemen, the students and faculty were very friendly. They answered my questions and showed me around the campus. The student-faculty ratio is 15: 1. The classrooms are medium-sized and the professors can give you the attention you need. The dorms are small but have enough space for what you need. There is a building where all women live and then there are smaller buildings where men and women live separately.

Daemen College is known for its major in physical therapy. There is a one hundred percent job placement rate in this field of study. Few colleges offer physical therapy is New York, so Daemen is considered one of the best if you are interested in this field. If you want to go to a small, friendly college that offers physical therapy, I definitely recommend Daemen College. f

Reviewed in 1998